Sales Planning: Protect and Grow your Clientele

Quite often, even the most talented sales professionals tend not to be very organised: they could go to meetings unprepared, or may fail to follow up at the right time, etc. Their valuable talent is thus ‘wasted’ due to poor planning and a lack of structure in their sales activities. This translates to much poorer sales results.

Moreover, non-sales staff such as engineers/ operations often form trust relationships with customers and notice important additional needs the customer has. In most cases however, these relationships and the additional valuable customer needs they uncover are largely neglected by the selling organisation – and this again translates to much poorer customer experience and sales results.

To top it all, we often see customer-facing departments working in isolation, even in opposition: sales not really talking to administration, or engineers making life difficult for sales, and vice-versa.

But it doesn’t have to be this way: When it comes to how we serve our client accounts, there’s a way for all teams in the company to follow a shared vision, truly cooperate, and proactively plan and capture every new need of the client.

Training Objectives
This seminar will deliver a powerful strategy for managing the client account that all customer-facing professionals can follow (regardless of department), so that all can act compatibly towards same goal.
The seminar will help the participants be more purposeful in every important client interaction (Clients’ moments of truth) and view every task they have through the lens of business development: to recognise sales opportunities when they occur naturally. This seminar will enable the participants to anticipate the client’s needs and capture the client’s imagination.

More specifically, through this programme sales professionals will be able to:

• Distinguish what Key Account Management is and adopt this strategy as the way to effectively manage their existing customer base
• Determine agile ways to cooperate with other departments within the selling organisation in order to manage the client accounts as a homogeneous organisation (rather than as isolated departments)
• Recognise all types of incidences of important interaction with the client (Client Moments of Truth) and develop ways to anticipate and capture all opportunities that arise during these interactions
• Develop Strategic Long-term Plans for Key Client Accounts with a focus on long-term sales growth, and use it as a guide for their interactions with these accounts
• Adopt a method for systematic preparation before every customer meeting which includes setting clear meeting goals
• Strategic project selection: Distinguish how to select and focus their efforts on the most lucrative sales customer projects, without neglecting their other client accounts at the same time
• Discover how to follow-up with clients assertively, with respect, without being shy or over-imposing, and in a way that leaves the customer ready to do business with them

Training Style
The seminar will be delivered via an interactive approach that will include, a presentation, videos, discussions, group exercises, questions-answers, brainstorming, role-play, case study and mini-assignments.

CPD Recognition
This programme may be approved for up to 7 CPD units in Professional and Personal Development. Eligibility criteria and CPD Units are verified directly by your association, regulator or other bodies which you hold membership.

Who Should Attend
The programme is suitable for:
• sales managers
• for all salespeople selling to business customers
• for salespeople who sell high-value products and/or services to individuals, and salespeople who sell to very high-end clients
• all customer-facing line managers, such as technical/ operations/ admin managers
• all customer-facing staff who interact with the customer on a daily basis and actively contribute to the management and support of the client account

Live Online
Tuesday 15/06/2021 – 09:00-12:45
Wednesday 16/06/2021 – 09:00-12:45

Total Duration
7 hours

Training Fee

Alkis Kaimakis

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed