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AAT - Advanced Diploma in Accounting (AWAATADAC22)

Advanced Diploma in Account is level of AAT Accounting & Finance. This diploma gives you the skills and knowledge to work competently in finance, accountancy, or bookkeeping role. More specifically you will master more complex accounting disciplines including financial processes, advanced bookkeeping, final accounts and ethical practices for accountants.

Syllabus structure
To pass this diploma, you'll be examined on six subjects, of which one includes the synoptic assessment. This tests the knowledge you have gained throughout the level, covering multiple subjects. All assessments are computer-based exams (CBE).

Advanced Bookkeeping
This subject will allow you to apply the principles of advanced double-entry bookkeeping, implement procedures for the acquisition and disposal of non-current assets, prepare and record depreciation calculations, record period end adjustments and produce and extend the trial balance.

Final Accounts Preparation
The purpose of this subject is to provide the background knowledge and skills that you need in order to be capable of drafting accounts for sole traders and partnerships, and it provides the background knowledge of the regulations governing company accounts. On successful completion of this subject you will be able to complete tasks while being aware of potential ethical issues and know how to report information effectively.

Indirect Tax
This subject is about indirect tax: specifically, the tax that is referred to in the UK and throughout this subject as value added tax (VAT). The subject is designed to develop your skills in preparing and submitting returns to the relevant tax authority in situations where the transactions that have to be included are relatively routine.

Management Accounting: Costing
This subject will provide you with an understanding of the purpose and use of management accounting within an organisation. You will also learn how to apply techniques required for dealing with costs, how to analyse and review deviations from budget and how to apply management accounting techniques to support decision making.

Excel for Accountants
This subject will allow you to design and structure appropriate spreadsheets to meet customer needs, use spreadsheet software to record, format and organise data, use relevant tools to manipulate and analyse data, and use tools and techniques to prepare and report accounting information.

Ethics for Accountants
This subject will provide you with an understanding of the need to act ethically, the relevance to the accountant's work of the ethical code for professional accountants, how to act ethically in an accounting role and how to identify actions to take in relation to unethical behaviour or illegal acts.

Number of Assessments: 6
Format: Computer based
Availability: On demand at EIMF Examination Center
Pass: A score of 100 out of 150 will represent a Pass
Marking: Computer marked
Results: Provisional result available immediately followed by confirmation no more than 48 hours later
Please Note: Official Exam is not provided, It should be purchased separately

Registration and Access
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Additional Fees
AAT Registration & Annual Student Membership.

Who is this subject for?
• School leavers
• Small business owners
• Undergraduates and graduates
• Experienced accountants
• Anyone with an interest in pursuing a career in accountancy

• Completion of Foundation Certificate in Accounting
• LCCI Intermediary & Higher
• Working experience in accountancy.

Upon the successful completion of the diploma, you can apply to receive the Advanced Diploma in Accounting.
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed