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AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting (AATPDAH120)

AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting is the highest level or final stage of the AAT Accounting qualification. This qualification provides the skills necessary for a ‘Finance Officer’ role including the complex management accounting tasks, general management skills, drafting financial statements and specialist learning areas.

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The course is made up of four mandatory courses, one synoptic unit, and five optional units. You must pass all the mandatory assessments, synoptic assessment, and two optional unit assessments to achieve the qualification.

Course 1: Financial Statements of Limited Companies
This course will allow to draft financial statements for single entities and consolidation of limited companies. You will also gain the skills to interpret the financial statements of limited companies, using ratio analysis.

Course 2: Management Accounting: Budgeting
This course will allow you to budget for business activities, set targets and plans, and monitor results. You’ll strengthen your skills in management accounting, statistical analysis, written communication and variance analysis.

Course 3: Management Accounting: Decisions & Controls
This course will prepare you to liaise with business managers to prepare basic or standard budget costs, create budgetary reports, control reports, and standard costing control reports. You’ll learn about concepts like cost behaviour, cost analysis, standard costing, and contribution theory.

Course 4: Accounting Systems and Controls
This course will provide you with an understanding by evaluating internal control systems within a business, and make recommendations to any weaknesses you find, to minimise the risk of loss.

Course 5: Business Tax
This course will provide you with an understanding of the UK taxation related to businesses.

Course 6: Personal Tax
This course will provide you with an understanding about taxation that affects UK taxpayers - income tax, national insurance, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax.

Course 7: External Auditing
This course will provide you with an understanding about external auditing of a financial statement and understand the importance of internal controls. You’ll be able to conduct an external audit, including planning, gathering sufficient and appropriate evidence.

Course 8: Cash and Treasury Management
This course will provide you with an understanding to identify how cash moves in a business in order to accurately prepare cash flow forecasts. You'll gain the practical skills to identify ways to raise finance or also invest surplus funds in order to maximise the wealth of the business.

Course 9: Credit Management
This course will provide you with an understanding about the principles of effective credit control in an organisation, find solutions to breaches of contracts, and describe terms and conditions with customers.

Additional synoptic assessment preparation
You will also be given an additional bonus revision unit to prepare you for the synoptic assessment. This additional course includes revision sections for the key topics presented throughout the courses 1 to 4 described above.

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed